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Thank you for deciding to fill in the Referral Form on line. Just a couple of things;

(1) You will need a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open the form. You can download this for free at this location . Adobe is a well respected software company and you need have no concerns about downloading their software. However, you should un-click the tick- box for any Optional Offer.

(2) Make a new folder, on your desktop perhaps, so it’s easy to find, to download the form to. The download option on the page that opens when you press the proceed button is the white downward pointing arrow in the black toolbar at the top right of the window. Once the save as dialogue opens, select the folder you have just created for the download location. When the downloaded has completed navigate to your folder, right click on the file and choose “open with” from the available options. Then choose Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Once these steps are completed the form should open in an active state and able to be filled in. When you have finished, send it to us by pressing the submit button on the form.  (You can delete the folder containing the form after you have submitted it should you not want it lying about on your computer.)

When you are ready, press the button below .


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